Rúrkový bit so suchým jadrom

Rúrkový bit so suchým jadrom

Nástroje na výrobu nástrojov BSP Dodávajú sa s rúrkovými bitmi so suchým jadrom so zárukou 1 rok. diamantovým nástrojom sme sa venovali mnoho rokov a pokrývali väčšinu trhu v Európe a Austrálii. Očakávame, že sa stanete vašim dlhodobým partnerom v Číne.

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1. Product Introduction of the Tubular dry core bit

Our Tubular dry core bit arbor length for 140mm and 180mm. Sharp and long life with a adapter, can be used on core rig of other power tools. Very high diamond concentration gives maximum footage and drilling speed in all types of drilling applications.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the Tubular dry core bit

19mm 9mm 3pcs 51mm
25mm 9mm 3pcs 51mm
30mm 9mm


35mm 9mm


40mm 9mm 4pcs 51mm
45mm 9mm


50mm 9mm 4pcs
9mm 5pcs
65mm 9mm 6pcs

3. Product Feature And Application of the Tubular dry core bit

Our Tubular dry core bit suitable for core drilling of reinforced concrete, brick wall core drilling, air conditioning installation, drilling of pipelines, road signs, highways and other outdoor projects. Ideal for both professional contractors and DIY users.

4. Product Details of the Tubular dry core bit

BSP tools manufacture provide Tubular dry core bit is mainly diameter from 19-65mm for construction market.

5. Product Qualification of the Tubular dry core bit

Our Tubular dry core bit has ISO:9001 quality certificate

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Tubular dry core bit

The Tubular dry core bit samples can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 35 days . Shipping by air or sea all is ok. We provide customer minimum 1 years warranty.

7. FAQ

Do you have MOQ?

OEM is 50pcs MOQ; ODM 100pcs MOQ.

What about the color of diamond core bit?

We have standard color covering red, orange, black, white blue and Grey. Other color are also available according to customer RAL code. But need minimum quantity 50pcs.

What is the package?

BSP TOOLS offer color box ,white box and brown box.

What information you need to provide the price?

Better tell us the power of your drilling motor/hand held drilling machine/angle grinder and RPM request.

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