Trapézová doska Redi-Lock

Trapézová doska Redi-Lock

Nástroje na výrobu nástrojov BSP dodávajú trapézovú platňu Redi-Lock so zárukou 1 rok. diamantovým nástrojom sme sa venovali mnoho rokov a pokrývali väčšinu trhu v Európe a Austrálii. Očakávame, že sa stanete vašim dlhodobým partnerom v Číne.

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Popis produktu

1. Product Introduction of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

The Trapezoid plate/blocks are used on floor grinding machines to remove the expoxy, glue, paint and other uneven coating of concrete, terrazzo and stone floor, showing a flat and brand new floor. The Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate is designed to make the installation very easy and convenient. Our trapezoid grinding plate for concrete grinding 9 position metal trapezoid diamond pad , to fit on grinder or quick changed grinding machine plates. Metal bonded trapezoid diamond pads can be made any grits and bonds for different hardness of concrete according to the requirements.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

Soft Bond
Medium Bond
Hard Bond
Very Hard Bond

3. Product Feature And Application of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

The Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate for concrete floor grinding Concrete diamond pads are offered with two round or rectangular / bar and other shape segments. Designed to smooth rough patched surfaces. The trapezoid is a very aggressive segment that easily attaches to the segment plate. Grinds down bumps and rough joints. Will work on all concrete grinding machines. Metal backed works great on  Magnetic Plates. Available in soft, medium and hard bonds. Long life and very aggressive.

4. Product Details of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

BSP tools manufacture provide grit #6,#16,#30,#50,#100,#150 and #200.

5. Product Qualification of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

Our Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate has ISO:9001 quality certificate

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate

The Redi-Lock Trapezoid Plate samples can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days . Shipping by air or sea all is ok. We provide customer minimum 1 years warranty.

7. FAQ 

Do you have MOQ?

OEM is 50pcs MOQ; ODM 100pcs MOQ.

What is the package?

BSP TOOLS offer color box ,white box and brown box.

What information you need to provide the price?

Better tell us the power of your machine power, RPM and grinding object if you have specific grinding or polishing request.

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